Students and the Pandemic

The effects of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic still weigh on many members of Generation Z. Students who were in their freshman year when they were sent home from classrooms for virtual learning are now beginning their senior year of high school. Nonetheless, the sudden life changes they experienced in 2020 are still traumatic for some.

Sudden events and drastic changes can leave many young people experiencing a form of post-traumatic-stress disorder. However, according to Tim Elmore, "stress doesn’t have to cause a disorder. It can actually be leveraged for good." Parents, teachers and other leaders can help young people emerge from this pandemic with a hopeful outlook by embracing their role in guiding the narrative. Tim Elmore encourages leaders to remember "LEG."

  • L stands for listen. Listening enables young people to feel heard and valued. E stands for empathize.
  • Empathizing enables young people to feel understood and validated.
  • G stands for guide. After taking the time to listen and empathize, guiding enables young people to make sense in what is going on around them.

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