Roku Drops PornHub

Roku made the announcement that they are dropping PornHub and other pornography streaming channels from their platform. Roku is a media streaming company used by millions to stream tv, movies and music. Since 2017, Roku has been on the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) Dirty Dozen List because they have been facilitating exploitation through easy access to hardcore porn with little to no safeguards. Roku has also continued streaming the pornography despite many reports of illegal content: failure to remove child sexual abuse, rape, sex trafficking and non-consensual material.

After five consecutive years on the Dirty Dozen list, Roku announced that it would, "effectively ban the world’s largest porn site [PornHub], as well as a number of adult entertainment companies, from its platform on March 1, 2022." This is a major victory for NCOSE advocates. In a statement, NCOSE president, Dawn Hawkins wrote, "No company should profit from child sexual abuse, rape, sex trafficking and other exploitive content on its platform and we are glad Roku is finally shutting down its partnership with PornHub and other pornography platforms."

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