Inspiring a Culture of Commitment

According to a recent report from the National Center for Health Statistics, marriage has dropped to an all-time recorded low in the United States. The marriage rate in the US fell 6% in 2018, with only 6.5 new unions formed for every 1,000 people.

While many attribute this decline to economic concerns, there are other factors to consider. Bradford Wilcox with the Institute for Family Studies writes, "there was no marked increase in divorce, family instability, or single parenthood at the height of the Great Depression."

One could argue that the most influential factor causing this drop is a cultural shift. Our culture is not supportive of commitment. Instead, our culture values economic prosperity, instant gratification and personal freedom over marriage and the family. For example, while marriage decreased in 2018, cohabitation increased.

We must focus on discouraging the culture of instant gratification and promoting a culture of love and commitment because the choices we make as a society today affect our society tomorrow. Discover how living together before marriage may affect finances, long-term satisfaction, physical and mental health, and future relationships in the booklet The Truth About Living Together Before Marriage.