Disney's Thanksgiving Flop

Traditionally, Disney has owned the movie theater box office over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. This Thanksgiving weekend, Disney released Strange World, which turned out to be a box office flop. Disney is set to lose about 100 million dollars on the movie's theatrical release. Strange World features a family travelling through an outlandish terrain on an adventure to find the protagonist's long-lost grandfather.

Even though it is rated PG, parents should be very leary of this movie. It is the first Disney movie to openly feature a gay protagonist. The teenaged main character, Ethan, is shown to be flirting with, fantasizing about and lusting after another boy. This comes after a leaked Disney Zoom meeting shows employees discussing a "secret queer agenda" in Disney movies and TV shows. The time has long passed where parents can entrust Disney with the minds of their children.

All of this comes after a week of chaos at Disney as their woke CEO Bob Chapek was ousted in favor of former CEO Bob Iger.

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