We Wish More for You

We can't help but shake our heads at the following article. We wish more for girls than to settle for the world's standards. Bristol Palin has been in the spotlight for being the daughter of a politician, having a baby out of wedlock, speaking for abstinence until marriage, and now her newest endeavor of a reality TV show in which she will move in with her boyfriend. She promises to stick with her commitment to remain abstinent until marriage. Why in the world would she move in with a man before marriage? What example is she setting for young girls by cohabitating? We mean no disrespect for her and truly wish her the best. The best would be defined as raising the bar in her own life, living out secondary virginity, and using her "fame" to be a positive role model for young girls.  The women from The View blast her in the following article and that's not right either. We just wish she wouldn't settle for what our culture is selling.


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