HPV Vaccine

December 29th, 2005
I know that when I was 10, I would just suddenly be walking down the street and the urge to have sex was just too much! So, we better vaccinate everyone against STDs just in case the urge is too much to handle! Don’t they know that not all teenagers and college students are having sex? It’s not impossible or unrealistic to expect young people to abstain until marriage - I know - I’m living proof! What it takes is parents getting involved and asking questions, what, where, when, who. It also takes parents to “buck up” and give the talk and tell their children what they think about premarital sex, talk about family values and, duh, talk about the consequences. When my parents were teens, there were 2 STDs, now there are more than 40. Premarital sex is dangerous, even deadly. Let’s not encourage it by vaccinating 10 year olds so they think they’re safe.

Posted in Abstinence