Where We’ve Been

ADW Fox 4 News
American Family Radio
American Family Radio News Network
American Prospect
Argus Leader
Associated Press
Atlantic Monthly
BBC-Latin America/Spain
Boston Globe
Christian Citizen Magazine
Citizen Magazine
Columbia Radio News
Congressional Quarterly
Daily Tarheel
Elle Girl Magazine
Faith 2 Action
Family News in Focus
Family News in Focus Radio
FOX News Live
Free Congress Foundation
Hearst Newspapers
International Broadcasting Bureau
Janet Parshall's America Live
Kansas City Star
KELO-AM 1320
KION 46 News
KKMS Christian Talk Radio
KXRB Radio
Lilie Awsumb
Londan Daily Newspaper
London Daily Mail
London Times
Miami Herald
National Catholic Register
National Journal Magazine
National Public Radio
NBC News' Later Today
North South Productions
North Western News Network
Platinum Television Center
Religion Newswriters Association
Rolling Stone
Scarborough Country
Science and Theology News
Seventeen Magazine
South Dakota Public Radio
Southern Voice Newspaper
Special Guests
SRN News
State News of Michigan State
Sue Browder
Take a Stand
Technology Review
Telemundo Network
The AFA Report
The Debate Show
The Nashville Tribune
The Nation
The Review
The Tennessean
The Washington Times
United News and Information
USA Radio Network
USA Today
Washington Blade
Washington Monthly
Web MD
Westdeutsche Allgemeine
Which Way
WUNC Radio
Z Magazine
The Today Show
Associated Press
Fox News
Agence CAPA TV--(French National TV)

International Abstinence Leadership Conferences

1997 Minneapolis, MN
1998 Branson, MO
1999 Scottsdale, AZ
2000 Raleigh, NC
2001 Miami, FL
2002 Washington, DC
2003 Las Vegas, NV
2004 Nashville, TN
2005 Hollywood, CA
2006 Kansas City, MO
2007 St. Paul, MN
2008 Orlando, FL
2009 Puerto Rico
2010 Sioux Falls, SD

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