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The Father/Daughter Purity Ball: A Night to Remember

March 1, 2014 to Sioux Falls, SD    Event Poster


Father Gives Daughter Purity Ring

A father attending the Purity Ball presents his daughter with her purity ring.

Father/Daughter Purity Covenant

A father and daughter signing their names to a purity covenan












How do you as an affiliate support a father who is battling against the media, friendships and a hyper-sexual culture to lead his daughter's heart: purchase an Purity Ball Planner and host your own Father/Daughter Purity Ball!

One father who recently attended a Purity Ball had this to say:
"I think the most important part of the evening was the opportunity it created to allow me to speak about sexual purity to my daughter. In the past, I had touched on the subject but felt intimidated and unsure of what to say, the speaker did a great job of assisting me in conveying the purity message to my daughter. The message was directed at dads to take the lead in their daughter's life and it challenged all dads to lead by example and I certainly felt the evening was a valuable tool to help our daughters remain pure."

A mother's perspective:
"With many activities and schedules that do not line up in our family, the Purity Ball offered an evening for my husband and daughter to spend one-on-one time together. The event was more than either of them expected. They both shared not only about the speaker's stories and her husband's encouragement for the dads, but also about the impact the evening had on them. My heart glowed hearing how my husband went outside his comfort zone to dance with our daughter. Since the Ball, my husband's attitude toward both my son and my daughter has been so different. He is more intentional about being a father. He said everything that evening helped him to realize the importance of his influence on his children. The only downfall is he is spending more time with the kids and less time on my honey-to-do list, but who can argue with that? The Purity Ball has created memories we all will cherish."

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