How Can We Help You

Affiliation with a International Organization *
The Clearinghouse was designed to be a central location for technical assistance and to network the International Abstinence Community. The benefits of becoming an affiliate are vast; including: gift certificates to the Online Store, a link to your website from, free advertising, and free registrations to our conferences! We also refer affiliates to individuals, organizations and media every day. Don’t miss the chance to get your name out there.

Funding Tips *
We have experts on writing and obtaining federal grants. We provide technical assistance to several organizations applying for CBAE grants and other abstinence grants. Also, our development team is consistently gathering innovative fundraising and donor development techniques and ideas for distribution. Even with grants, groups cannot afford to lose or neglect their donor base.

Library of Research, Articles, and Reports *
We’ve assembled a library of resources for the use of our affiliates. This research is available on the Web and also at the Clearinghouse. If you don’t find what you need on our website, give us a call – we probably have it! We are more than happy to assist those doing research reports for school, work, or those who are just curious about abstinence education and all its related subjects!

Online Store
The Online Store is full of products for abstinence education. There are stickers, books, suckers, apparel, audio CDs, bookmarks and more! If you’re a teacher, presenter, parent or anyone who works with young people, you’ll want to make sure you browse our store area. The products are fun – so kids love them – plus they convey the message of abstinence until marriage – so you’ll love them! Call             888.577.2966       or visit the Online Store to place your order.

Consultation for Products or Events *
The Abstinence Clearinghouse offers a consultation service with its “Engager” affiliation. This is designed to help you market a product, service, or even a conference. We can help you with speakers, presentations, and attendance. Just let us know.

Weekly E-mail Updates *
Every week, we send out an e-mail to almost 6,000 individuals with the latest news in the Abstinence Community. Periodically, there are special press releases, Action and Media Alerts sent only to our affiliates. No one covers Abstinence news the way we do! You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to learn more about what’s happening in Abstinence and how it affects you.

Abstinence Education Certification

Certification will benefit all those who work with youth. Level 1 is designed for people with fewer than five (5) years experience in abstinence education.  It shows that you know the definition of abstinence education, and that you understand the risks of unmarried and teen sexual activity.  Level 2 is for people with more than five (5) years experience.  It includes an understanding of abstinence education models, classroom management skills, and more in-depth, medically accurate knowledge on contraception and STDs. Click HERE for form to become certified.

*These are all benefits of affiliation. for more information on how to become an affiliate, please visit the "Become an Affiliate" page.